Type: Personal / Year: 2016 / Branding & Web

Malibu Motel is an online fashion store for a cool urban young adult audience. Inspired mostly by the style of Seapunk microculture in fashion, music and design, developed in 2011 by a small group of social media enthusiasts, this store would host brands within its concept e.g. Wild Fox, curating edgy and trendy fashion pieces. 

The design uses elements related to the sea: shells, jellyfish, mermaid tails, palm trees; aiming  for a quirky look inspired by the neon vs. tropical trend of LA.
Gradients and pastels prevail, and the art direction intends to convey rebellious/childish attitude that encompasses both teenage spirit and childhood dreams, mixing innocence with mischief.
Who is this girl? The store refers to customers as mermaids – people who don’t take themselves too seriously and like to experiment with their outfits. She is carefree, edgy, reckless, both naughty and nice – perfect mix of sugar and spice.

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PS: I don't owe any rights for the photography used for the design. The images are merely a guideline, used to convey the concept and spirit of the brand.