Type: Personal / Year: 2016 / Branding &  UI/UX

Frøjya is a conceptual online store for the e-commerce of Luxury designer brands. Frøjya is a modern form of the name Freyja, meaning "transparent lady".  She is the old norse goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, nature, gold and war. As Frøjya relates to nature there are several leaf ornaments present in the mockups. The design uses cool tones representing the pale day sky and the dark night, the green of plants and a sandy warm beige. As Typography goes there is a Display serif used to convey Luxury and elegance paired with a minimal  and readable Sans Serif. 

The website features a collapsable vertical menu and shopping cart, both fixed in position, that follows the user as it scrolls down. The design is fullscreen and readjusts responsively to the size of the viewport.

View FullScreen Desktop Prototype


PS: I don't owe any rights for the photography used for the design. The images are merely a guideline, used to convey the concept and spirit of the brand.